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Merlot (Mair LO) is currently the world's most popular red wine. Originally used as a blending grape in Bordeaux to soften Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot has captured the attention of the everyday wine consumer because of its fresh, ripe fruit appeal. Merlot offers red fruit components such as cherry, plum and currants with hints of cedar prominent with oak aging. Merlot dominates the Right Bank communes of Saint Emilion and Pomerol where the wines are refined and elegant with loads of complexity. It is capable of producing wines that are full-bodied and tannic, but most wine producing areas focus on the friendly, soft and fruit-forward style. Serve at room temperature with lamb, duck, veal and cheese.
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  1. Anakena Birdman Merlot 75cl
    Anakena Birdman Merlot 75cl
    SKU: UD027
  2. Ava Grace Vineyards California Merlot 75cl
  3. Benchmark Merlot 75cl
    Benchmark Merlot 75cl
    SKU: UO586
  4. Beringer Founders' Estate Merlot 75cl
  5. Beringer Founders' Estate Pinot Noir 75cl
  6. Beringer Main & Vine California Merlot 75cl
    Beringer Main & Vine California Merlot 75cl
    SKU: UE2018
    BBD$22.99 BBD$29.00
  7. Bogle California Merlot 75cl
    Bogle California Merlot 75cl
    SKU: UE1608
  8. Carmen Insigne Merlot Valle Central 75cl
  9. Carmen Premier 1850 Reserva Merlot 75cl
  10. Chateau Cantillac Merlot Bordeaux Rouge 75cl
  11. Chateau Mondain Bordeaux Rouge
  12. Chloe San Lucas Monterey Merlot 75cl
  13. Clos Cantenac Grand Cru St. Émilion 75cl
  14. Columbia Crest Grand Estate Merlot
  15. Dancing Flame Merlot
    Dancing Flame Merlot
    SKU: UD187
  16. Errázuriz Estate Reserva Merlot 75cl
  17. Fat Bastard Merlot
    Fat Bastard Merlot
    SKU: UA376
  18. Folie a Deux Alexander Valley Sonoma Merlot 75cl
Grid List

Items 1-18 of 34

Set Descending Direction