Cooking with Wine World

Cooking with Wine World

Welcome to Cooking with Wine World, where culinary creativity meets the world of fine wines & spirits! 

This is your go to page for a tantalizing series that blends the art of cooking with the expertise of Wine World. Our kitchen is a canvas, and in each episode, you'll discover the true masterpiece that happens when exceptional ingredients come together, guided by renowned chefs and seasoned culinary experts. Get ready to discover new cooking techniques, experience new dishes and unravel the secrets behind exquisite flavour pairings of diverse cuisines.

Indulge your taste buds, expand your culinary repertoire, and join us on this epicurean adventure. 

Chef Dane

Chef Dane Saddler is a seasoned professional, with over 10 years experience in prestigiuos and award winning kitchens. As the founder of Caribbean Villa which offers private chef services and cooking classes, he is known for his wit and humour, which is appreciated by all.


In this captivating video, Dane takes us on a culinary journey to create a mouthwatering dish of Buljol pairing it with the crisp Babich Sauvignon Blanc. Simple to make but a showstopper nonetheless, we hope you enjoy this true Bajan bite.

Cou Cou with Creole Fish

Experience the epitome of Barbadian culinary excellence as Chef Dane Saddler crafts the iconic Cou Cou with Creole Fish. What better way to pay homage to the spirit of independence than our ational dish, paired with Plantation Grande Reserve.

Baked Chicken and Roasted Sweet Potato

Once again, flavour takes center stage in this Independence edition of Cooking with Wine World. Chef Dane showcases a classic baked chicken and roasted potatoes, all elegantly garnished with a colorful medley of cooked vegetables and paired with the J. Lohr Pinot Noir.

Bread Pudding with Coconut Rum Sauce

Chef Dane delivers another simple but sensational recipe with this Bread Pudding recipe. Drizzled with Coconut rum sauce, this is theperfect dessert to finish any meal, tied together with the Nik Weis Urban Reisling.

Chef Marielle

Meet Chef Marielle Wilkie, born and raised in Barbados, with a passion (and talent) for creating fresh Caribbean meals that will stimulate your senses. Marielle has been cooking since she could reach the counter in the kitchen! Over the last ten years she has grown her passion into a career, cooking professionally as a Private Chef at homes, events and villas across Barbados.

Salmon Filled Cucumber Boats

In this episode of #CookingWithWineWorld, Marielle of Hooked Barbados shares a quick and easy recipe to impress your house guests, topped off with a lovely Santa Margherita Prosecco, available at Wine World.

Simmering Coconut Curry

As we continue our series, Cooking with Marielle, it’s time to enjoy a heartwarming Vegetable Curry dish. Vegetable curry is a culinary delight that effortlessly combines a vibrant array of vegetables and aromatic spices.

Blackened Fish Taco with Toppings

Marielle of Hooked Barbados is turning your kitchen up a notch with her flavorful, Blackened Fish tacos! Fish tacos are an easy way to impress others with a blast of flavour!

Banana Flambe

Marielle, a seasoned culinary artist, invites you to indulge in her exquisite take on this timeless dessert. Her Banana Flambe recipe promises a captivating blend of flavours that will elevate your culinary skills.