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How to Wine By the Glass works:

1. Purchase a card for a desired value.

2. Insert your card into the dispenser.

3. Grab your glass, pour any of the wines in the dispenser and taste!

It's That Simple!

Enjoy 16 different selections at our card-activated
sampling station available exclusively at
Wine World Rockley and Warrens

Rockley Tasting selection updated 30th August 2019.
Warrens Tasting selection updated 7th September 2019.
(Selection changes fortnightly)


Enjoy a wonderfully diverse selection of Roses and Red Blends from all around the World! Compare the unique styles of Californian red blends - From complex and bold, to fruity, light and easy to drink! How do they match up to the more classic styles of their Bordeaux and South African counterparts?
Are you more of a roses lover? Try this unique selection of roses to fit any occasion! From sipping on a hot afternoon at the beach, to enjoying all dolled up and paired with a lovely Thai Dish. We can’t wait for your feedback come on in today!


This week we're highlighting amazing wines found south of the equator! Dive in and explore this phenomenal lineup, ranging from a crisp and refreshing Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, to a light and flavourful Tanzanian Pinot Noir! Pay tribute to Southern Australia's Shiraz and Chardonnay wines, as well as some fantastic high altitude wines from beautiful Argentina!