Merlot is one of the main varieties planted in France, enjoying some popularity even in Italy and the United States. At first, Merlot was used mainly within blends, as in the Bordeaux blends born in France. It wasn’t long before winemakers started recognising its potential as a variety that could easily stand on its own.

Thanks to its easy-drinking nature, Merlot tends to be a popular choice among people who are new to drinking red wine. The reason for it being so easy on the palate is because it is fairly low in tannins, meaning that it doesn’t taste as astringent or dry in your mouth - the way cinnamon or pomegranates would. It is generally smooth and fruity in taste.

The most common fruit flavours of Merlot wine include raspberry, red and black cherries, and plum. What’s really great is that these flavours and Merlot’s approachability make it ideal for pairing with quite a wide variety of foods as long as they’re not too spicy.


Red Diamond Merlot 

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