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The Sweetest Holiday Pair

In the spirit of giving, entrepreneur and restaurant owner, Chiryl Newman shared her irrestible Double Chocolate Cheesecake recipe with us! Treat your family and friends to a divine dessert, by adding this dish to your Christmas menu!

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Getting to Know Rosé

For centuries, dry rosé wine has been a staple in the south of France, where it is widely embraced as the best lunchtime, seaside, and all-occasion wine. Particularly in the coastal Provence region, the heart of the world’s dry rosé production, a passion for dry pink permeates the culture. 

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Wine Tips- Tannins

You’ve read the descriptions that often talk about the tannic properties of wine, whether they are high or low or make a wine soft or complex. But can you put your finger on what a tannin is exactly, and if they are good or bad?

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