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Get to know Merlot

Get to know Merlot Merlot is one of the main varieties planted in France, enjoying some popularity even in Italy and the United States. At first, Merlot was used mainly within blends, as in the Bordeaux blends born in France. It wasn’t long before winemakers started recognising its potential as a variety that could easily stand on its own.

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Everything you need to know about the Chilean Wine Industry

Chilean wines have made a tremendous impact in the international marketplace over the last 10 years. Historically, the wines have been in the value-for-money sweepstakes against other volume countries like Australia. Today Europe consumes the largest share of Chilean wine followed by

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How to Guide: Entertaining with Wine

Dinner is by you. And you thought you had it all under control until you remembered the wine. What do I get? How much do I get? What will go well with dinner? Suddenly this simple dinner just became very complicated.

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