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Most of us refer to sparkling wine as “champagne,” but only wines from one esteemed area of France actually qualify for that name. Whether Champagne or Sparkling wine; these wines are delicious and useful far beyond the usual celebratory toasts. Their effervescence, ample acidity (tartness) and lighter weight also make them wonderful dinner partners. While Champagne is the best-known, sparkling wines are produced in most wine regions around the world. There are many styles of sparkling wine, from bone dry to sweet and in between; from complex, full-bodied styles to the light, crispy refreshing sparklers. In France, Sparkling wine literally translated is ‘mousseux’ and a French favourite is indeed the ‘Crémant’ such as Crémant d'Alsace, Crémant d'Bourgogne and Crémant d'Bordeaux. The Italian equivalents are spumante, frizzante, frizzantino and not to be left out ‘Prosecco’ and ‘Asti’ The Spanish love their ‘Cava’ while the Germans enjoy a good ‘Sekt’.
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  1. Platino Pink Moscato 75cl
    Platino Pink Moscato 75cl
    SKU: TC145
  2. Canetelli Moscato Rosato 75cl
    Canetelli Moscato Rosato 75cl
    SKU: TA145
  3. Santero Moscato Spumante (Twist) 75cl
  4. Cavicchioli 1928 Moscato Dolce Extra Dry D.O.C 75cl
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4 Items

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