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Wine World’s Connoisseur Card is a FREE Membership Programme which offers you rewards based on long-term loyalty rather than one-time volume purchases. As a Connoisseur Card holder, you will receive increasing discounts, up to a maximum of 20%, on all wines and spirits, no matter the number of bottles you buy, nor the size of the bottle. You will also receive invitations to Exclusive Offers.

The discount you receive increases by one percentage point, up to a maximum of 20%, for every $350 BBD you spend at Wine World. Your purchases are tracked on a rolling twelve-month basis, which means the balance you earn does not drop to zero at the end of a fixed period and there is no need to re-qualify for your savings. There are no annual or hidden fees. Simply shop with Wine World for all your beverage needs and continue to save!

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The Connoisseur Card is accepted at all Wine World locations. Simply present your card and let the savings begin! If you have any questions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or ask any of our friendly Sales Associates.